We are heading across the ditch to NZ today where Valleyside Boys have released their new EP ‘3 PACK’.

Following the release of their single ‘Hellyeah’ ft. deadforest, Valleyside Boys make their second mark on 2020 with the release of their new EP ‘3 PACK’

VSB had planned to release Vol. 3 this year but due to Covid that has been delayed. Rather than keep people waiting they have released ‘three songs we love but don’t fully gel with the project’

This release includes the new single ‘FREDDIE MERC’ A catchy lil song produced by Almac with a hook about self-care but still not giving a damn and will still ‘flip you the bird’ The other two track ‘KIMZ’ ft deadforest is a gritty song about how most rappers talk the talk but when stuff is really going down, they fold like washing and ‘EASILY DISTRACTED’ which according to the boys is the typical vibe of a Friday night studio session.

First formed in 2017 the group and the music has grown over that time. The boys all have their own individual projects which makes VSB quite special to those who follow their music. When they get together you know you’re going to get a high-energy show or some insane new releases.

Valleyside Boys music is raw, relentless and has that true rap underground sound. The guys really have nothing to hold back and they have a lot to say!!

Check out the new EP below:

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