Maddy Herbert’s voice oozes through my headphones and once again I find myself drifting off while listening. Velvet Bloom’s latest single ‘7Hundred25’ now has a beautiful, nostalgic video clip to accompany the soulful sounds of Maddy’s vocals thanks to Nathaniel Nagorcka Sewart.

The song itself reflects on a relationship break up and as Maddy told me a few weeks back

“When I started writing this song it was when I was in the midst of a break up and I thought about how through our relationship, we had been together for this amount of time. I was trying to pinpoint different parts of our relationship and where I guess things started to fall apart. It wasn’t meant to be a negative song or anything, it was a realisation song. Figuring out what I needed to do to move forward as well. “

Hailing from Melbourne’s Peninsula area Velvet Bloom are a neo-soul, alternative pop and jazz rock project fronted and founded by Maddy who performs solo and with different variations of her live band ‘The Vito Collective’

If you like your music smooth and refined then Velvet Bloom will definitely hit the mark for you.

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