The new and reformed Melbourne metalcore outfit Villa Morta are debuting their brutal sound and inspired vision with brand new single “Cryptex“. “Cryptex” is the first to drop from upcoming ‘Subvert‘ EP out July 23 and welcomes a physical journey to seek answers and reap a reward.

“Cryptex” joins the big leagues taking mix and mastering credits from Lance Prenc (Alpha WolfPolarisGravemind), teaming up with Colin Jeffs for a dark and inquisitive film clip to compliment the new single.

Villa Morta also revealed details of a physical cryptex mission, encouraging listeners to crack the cryptex code using hints from the music video and unlocking the physical box kept at locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Tasmania. The objective of the hunt is to highlight the bands core mantra and the ideals behind “Cryptex” – that Villa Morta don’t have all the answers to the questions they pose, but they’re still searching, and the search can be just as rewarding and just as important.

Villa Morta guitarist, vocalist and creative mastermind Masa Myer explains: “Cryptex is a comment on religion and the people who are obsessed and consumed by a final answer rather than the journey and the mystery of the never ending unknown.

Josh Morrissy (vocals), Masa Myer (guitar/vocals), Tom Clarke (drums) and Thomas Campbell (bass) are the quartet that make up Villa Morta. Villa meaning house and Morta meaning death, signifying in this sense a spiritual home and a place we find ourselves when we die. The members have found inspiration and influence through a fascination with the mysteries of life. Forthcoming EP ‘Subvert’ explores these themes, encouraging listeners to question the paradigms that govern those and the world around us.

Villa Morta intend to continue exploring these themes and ideas in their message and vision, while in conjunction pushing their musical sound into new territories.

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