Robbie Wilson – Vocals

Jake Wiffen – Guitar/Clean Vocals

Jayden Zago – Guitar

Jesse O’Brien – Bass

Sean Wilson – Drums

Visioner’s new single Psyche comes from a dark place. Vocalist Robbie Wilson had this to say about the song:

Once I heard the dark instrumental vibe for Psyche, the idea for me was to write about something I had struggled with in my past. The song touches on a time of insanity that I had dealt with from making mistakes lead on from drug abuse. I went against all my morals from being in an altered state of mind, feeling paranoid that I was hated by all of those who I had held close and called friends.”

“Realising that all of it was just in my head I pulled myself out of what was a horrible experience but came out strong-willed and knowing not to put myself in that place ever again. I really just wanted to share my experience and try to help anyone who has struggled with or is struggling with drug abuse and the horrible state of mind that it can sink you into, knowing that you are not alone and you can come out of it stronger.”

Bassist Jesse filled me in on what the band are up too.

You guys have just put out a new single ‘Psyche’.

Yes indeed we have.

And you have a new singer?

Our last singer left pre-covid, we played a show with Northlane and then after that he was ready to depart because he wanted to go and do other things like travel around. He couldn’t do that while he was doing stuff with us because it wasn’t viable coming back to play shows. We found Robbie who had already filled in for us when Dan was unavailable, we have known him for years anyway from our local music scene. We had already recorded the songs prior to him joining but with Covid it kind of complicated everything. We ended up getting the opportunity to go back and finish recording the final takes for the songs so we got Robbie on it and tracked his vocals as well. Robbie seems to have fit straight into the part, he’s a bit of a multi-instrumentalist like a couple of us in the band so that is an extra plus for us.

I saw that the beautiful Mr Lalic did all the mixing and mastering for you.

He did indeed. He is a lovely bloke.

It’s a bit of a family affair because Jackson (Bentley) and Indey (Salvestro) jumped on as well with the video clip.

Yeah that’s right. We have known those boys for years, we used to play shows with them back in the day. Some of those boys are from Wagga. We are from Albury/Wodonga but I’m based in Wangaratta which is only 40 mins from the other boys. Having known them all for years it was very comfortable to work with them. It definitely makes a difference.  

There are quite a few bands from around that way.

Yeah the music scene has always been really strong there compared to other places.

Psyche is from a pretty dark place.

Yeah basically it’s about fighting the dark side of yourself, fighting your inner demons. That is portrayed in the video with a darker entity looming over Robbie. It’s a challenge of life, battling your demons. (Make sure you check out the film clip for the single below!!)

How is the year looking for you guys? Gigs, new music?

We are working on planning the next couple of years at the moment. We aren’t focusing on gigs to much right now, we have one with Nicholas Cage Fighter on 11th June (TICKETS HERE), that’s the only one we have lined up at the moment and then we are knuckling down in the studio.

You have just played with Thornhill and Bloom on Thorny’s Australian Tour.

Correct. That was very nice, both are spectacular bands. They killed it.

As a band who do you guys look up to in the Australian scene?

It’s hard to say. I think we all listen to different things so we all have different influences. I like the fact that we don’t have everyone vibing to the same stuff. When it comes to writing we are coming from different points of view.

Who do you look up to?

The bands that I am into? Definitely Northlane, they are one of my favourites 100%. There was a band that went pretty good. I haven’t listened to the too recently, but they were definitely a cool game changer that I really enjoyed called Currents. I really enjoyed their stuff, it resonated with me nicely. Polaris is another one, that’s kind of what I am into.

The more djenty side of metal.

Yeah I guess that’s what it is, the djenty side.

Has the way you write changed much since Robbie joined?

It’s been a bit different. Normally our guitarist Jayden, who is the main founder of the band, will come up with the main idea and then we take it into the studio and all add our ideas. Lyrical ideas may come in at that point otherwise they come later. Now that we have Robbie there as well we are doing a bit more demoing and lyrical stuff with ourselves before we go into the studio.

Robbie has probably brought different ideas into the band too.

Yeah that’s right. It’s always good to have another opinion in the mix.  

Psyche is a killer tune with a pretty freaky video clip to go along with it!


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