Broken Casket Released 12th June

Dylan Stone – Vocals
Adam Spackman – Drums
Anthony Georgiou – Guitar
Brandon Tadday – Guitar
Adam Humphreys – Bass

For fans of: Linkin Park, Loathe, Northlane, Slipknot

Dylan Stone and I had a conversation a few months back where he told me that Wake The Blind had experimented a bit on Broken Casket. Telling me that always gets me excited so I was super keen to hear the end result. When I first listened to Broken Casket I was blown away, now I just can’t get enough. Wake The Blind took “experimenting” to a whole new level. Deciding to go with a more nu-metalcore sound, what they have delivered is testament to how hard this band has worked because they have absolutely nailed it. With nu-metal as the basis you can hear influences of other genres melded seamlessly. From the chaotic opening track Patient, which features David De La Hoz (Belle Haven), Dylan Stone’s frenzied screams bring the chaos to the fore. (Make sure you check out the video for this song because it is extremely well done) Nix has the tell-tale nu-metal vibe happening with a heavy kick to it and is one of my picks off the EP. Stone show’s his versatility as a vocalist in this song, backed by some delicious riffs. X2, the first single released, picks up the frenetic pace again. I’m thinking at this point there is nothing broken about this Ep!! Casket is the next offering. A slower tempo, this is my favourite track on the EP. Casket has a black metal ambience about it which I am really digging, and I hope it’s something they continue to explore musically. Sinking our Teeth into final track our ears are once again treated to shrieking guitars, blasting drumbeats and Stone’s vocals alternating between rapid fired verses and screams.

Wake The Blind have delivered an absolute monster of a debut EP. Five songs, any of which could have been released as singles, that fuse together perfectly to create one of the standout releases so far this year.

A line in X2 sums it up well – “In the end you reap what you sow” and Wake The Blind are undoubtedly going to reap the rewards of this release. (9/10)

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