On a recent trip to Melbourne Wake the Blind vocalist Dylan Stone and I caught up for coffee and cake! We also had a little chat about his band…..

There isn’t much out there about you guys! Tell me all we need to know…

We’ve been around for a little bit but were still kind of new. We’re basically a 5 piece numetal core band, we’ve just had 2 new members come in. In terms of our line up it’s me on vocals, Adam Humphreys on bass, Adam Spackman our drummer, Anthony Georgiou and Brandon Tadday on guitar. Myself and both Adam’s have been around for a couple of years now mostly in the metalcore scene. We kind of pushed towards that whole numetal core style once we worked with Steve Cannatelli (Future Artistic Development). He gave us the vision and the push to go toward that type of sound. It seems to be going okay seeing as its new for us.  We started trying out different styles, listening to bands like Loathe, Linkin Park, Northlane – very numetal stuff.  Slipknot for me vocally. We really love Northlane’s Alien, that really inspired us to go that heavier route as well. It’s somehow managed to band together really well.

Our drummer Adam collaborated with Steve and got the idea for it. Steve told us about this whole numetal core kind of style and us trying to adapt our own sound to it. Literally two weeks later Adam came out with a full EP of songs, which blew us all away. Adam is such a great songwriter and he took this whole vision on board. Vocally Adam and I then collaborated and then I went away and worked with Zac Knight, producer at Earthtide Studios, doing the vocal tracking and it sounded phenomenal. It’s probably the most work vocally I have ever had to do in my life which is a testament to Zac’s work. I’m really satisfied with what we have come up with.

Your first single X2 really resonated with me.

Yeah we wanted to touch on massive problems in terms of, whatever your age, we all go through similar things. Whether its abusive relationships, mental instability, people really not understanding you. Really going along those lines. Especially X2, we wanted to go off that abusive relationship kind of thing because at least one or two of us have gone through something similar. We tried to bring our personal experiences into the songs and talk about things that people don’t necessarily like to talk about.

With this record we really didn’t necessarily think about who would be offended or who would be annoyed because it’s the same thing over and over again. We are writing about things that people experience and things that need to be addressed. Even if they have been addressed before it’s not enough until it stops being a problem. I feel it was a good collaborative effort between everyone in the band.

Ultimately I am really excited. Maddii from The Venom Collective has helped us out in terms of getting our campaign and marketing side of things up and running.

Hopefully the next single we bring out, which I can’t disclose just yet, branches out a different perspective of what we do as well. This single is very similar to X2, the other songs on the ep are very different so there is definitely versatility in there. Personally I’m very excited for the next one just because I want to hear what people think.

How has the recent turn of events due to the Corona Virus affected you guys?

It’s put a hold on everyone really. I think that obviously everyone has been affected but the music industry has come to a standstill. I guess because we rely on crowds and it is a people orientated industry. The job requires interaction and we don’t get that interaction because of this scenario. It’s understandable but at the same time there is no fall back plan in the event of this. Hopefully there will be a business model in regards to what we do, as well as the government recognising that there is a lot of income that gets generated by artists. If we didn’t have the platforms we have, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to still be able to get stuff out there would be no way any of us could recover from this.  At least we have the online ability to still connect with our audience. I’m hoping that we can at least get past this pandemic and get everything back to normal, if we get to get that normal again, because beside the monetary side of it people invest their dreams into this industry, people associate music to something else rather than necessarily an occupation. It’s that dream factor.

Yes that’s what worries me. How people are going to cope with having that pulled out from under them through no fault of their own. As a community we have to make sure that everyone is okay, keep checking in with each other.

Hopefully once things settle we can try and do a couple of shows. We’ve never been on tour before so we would love to do that.  Collaborating with other bands and artists is something else we would love to do, whether its through songs or shows. But we have to try and find a way to do that within this weird time frame that we have. Also trying to figure out how we are going to progress forward once this pandemic passes, especially knowing that this could possibly happen again.

The new EP! Will that be put on the back burner now?

No we’re still steamrolling ahead , chucking everything we can into the online side of things. We’re really trying to get the online community to see what we have, pushing ourselves out there and trying to prove who we are and why we are here. So everything will go ahead as normal. We have a big list of things coming out this half of the year and bigger things in the second half. Our plan is to just keep moving forward, keep rolling and at least getting our stuff out there and heard.

Broken Casket comes out on June 12th. Pre-save it here:


Wake the Blind have released the second single off the Ep – “Patient” ft. David De La Hoz (Belle Haven) Check it out here:




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