Alternative/Prog rock – Melbourne

Track List:

Fatal Medicine


Fan of Flames



The calibre of Australian music is showing no signs of slowing down with Melbourne duo Warnings about to release their debut EP Event Horizon. Both Tim Chilman and Casey Dean are no strangers to the local scene having been in bands such as Engine Three Seven, Secret Tsunami and Branch Arterial.   

Warnings have developed their own unique sound and I am really digging it.  The first 4 tracks on Event Horizon just make you wish gigs were a thing still because I needed a dance floor!  Casey’s vocals combined with Tim’s groovy riffs and hooks reel the listener in and if you’re not moving then I’ll assume you’re dead. From the beginning track, Fatal Medicine with its fast-paced lyrics Warnings shows us that they are here to make a mark on the scene. Previously released singles, Waterboy and Fan of Flames, both are catchy and full of groove. Overwriter slows the pace slightly and Casey’s vocals shine through on this track. The final track, Denied, has a softer, melodious sound and is my favourite off the EP and a beautiful way to end what was an enthralling musical journey.

Overall this is a fabulous debut EP from two extremely talented musicians and I am keen for gigs to be up and running to see these guys live.

Warnings are going to be another band to keep your eye on. Event Horizon is available on all platforms on 10th July.



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