Drawing inspiration from the likes of Deftones, A Perfect Circle & Twelve Foot Ninja, their melodic approach to modern heavy music is driven by crushing riffs and dynamic soundscapes.

Having endured the ebb and flow of life in original bands with several members, vocalist Casey Dean and guitarist Tim Chilman decided to record and produce their music independently and remain a two piece. – Warnings Bio

I’m starting to think there is something in Melbourne’s water… The number of talented bands that have appeared over the last 2 months just keeps growing.

Tim Chilman and Casey Dean have merged their creative forces to bring Warnings to life. Their first single “Fan of Flames” quietly made its appearance a few weeks back and on the eve of their second release “Waterboy”  I caught up with Tim to find out a little bit more about them.

You and Casey have a new project, Warnings, how did you guys end up on this together? I know Casey has been around the music scene for a long time. Had you guys played together prior to this?

Not until a few months into this project. It started with a demo I was working on that was missing vocals. I asked a few people around town, but they were either not keen or too busy. I didn’t expect Casey to be interested as I had him on a bit of a pedestal from Engine Three Seven, but I had nothing to lose so I sent it to him and he rang me back saying how keen he was. We arranged a vocal session at his joint and after 3 late nights in the studio we had what became our debut single ‘Fan of Flames’. When it was done, I asked if he wanted to sing on another song that needed vocals and it gradually built from there. We did a couple of gigs together (not as Warnings) during this time though – One with E37, and an acoustic gig at an Irish pub. We left about 3 hours after it closed…..

I love that you are staying as a 2 piece and recording/producing your own music. What factors played into that decision?

We have found this approach to be more productive and overall, more enjoyable. Our decision making and creative process is much easier with ‘less cooks in the kitchen’. We still work with mates who enjoy contributing here and there but it’s more of a no strings attached arrangement. We have also saved a lot of money recording and producing ourselves, but that will probably balance out when it comes to gigging. There have been some big hurdles learning this aspect of it, but we aren’t getting any worse at it, so for now we intend to continue this way.

Is there an EP/album on the way or are you just releasing singles?

There is an EP ready and waiting to be released!

What does the future look like for Warnings? Gigs when lock down eases?

COVID definitely forced us to change our plans but when the lock down eases we will re-book the show we had planned. Obviously, the EP will be out before then. We are writing new material at the moment so we can’t wait to continue releasing music and play live!

Any other influences you draw inspiration from?

I think you naturally draw inspiration from everyone and everything you encounter in life, but some key influences in our music lately have been Northlane, Deftones, Pantera, anything with Maynard James Keenan. Too many to pin it down to though.

Waterboy is set to be released live online on Friday 22nd May.

Link to the live release : https://www.facebook.com/events/2581385985511944/

Pre save: https://ditto.fm/waterboy-warnings




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