2020 might be a write off for gigs but it most certainly hasn’t had any affect on what the Australian music scene is producing for release.

We Set Signals are the latest to join the line-up of bands putting out some damn exciting music. Their latest album ‘ORDO’ is set for release on Friday 25th September. The Brissy boys have produced an album that from start to finish is exciting and explosive. It’s hard to write a review when every time you put the album on you end up off your seat dancing around!!!!!

ORDO is one of those albums that you are going to listen to from beginning to end. The songs are structured to tell a story, not only lyrically, but musically and flow from one to the next with ease. You can hear moments of BMTH and I, Prevail influences but We Set Signals have stamped their signature firmly on these songs. From the big catchy choruses these guys write, to the technicality of the guitars and drums I think WSS are on a winner with ORDO.

Stand out songs for me are Meet Me At The Starlight Drive-in which is just so boppy. With a feature spot from Alex Pasibe of Osatia this just has everything you want in a song, and the breakdown just gives me goosebumps every single time.

Give Me A Sign has the biggest BMTH vibe which I’m really digging. War Never Changes is brilliant between Nick’s vocals and the drumming you literally feel like you are being pummelled with gunfire, a guitar section that sounds like an air raid siren and then your hit with another breakdown that feels like a bomb has imploded.

Aurora is the final single released and is also the final song on the album. It is fast paced and angry in its delivery vocally and musically. There is a determination in the feel of this song as if We Set Signals are letting us know that this isn’t the last we will hear from them.

We Set Signals have absolutely killed this album. Any song on ORDO could have easily been released as a single. Make sure you hit the presave and follow their socials because this is definitely not the last we have heard of these guys!!

Watch the latest single ‘Aurora’ here

ORDO track list:

Give Me A Sign

We Want You

Meet Me At The Starlight Drive0in

Where Were You

Just Say Yes

I Wish I Wasn’t Right

War Never Changes


We’ll Watch The World End




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