We Set Signals

Meet Me At The Starlight Drive In

Post hardcore/pop punk band We Set Signals have just announced a new album, Ordo, which will be hitting our ears on September 25th. If you haven’t heard this Brisbane band before then I suggest you go and get yourselves acquainted with them real quick! Signing with record label We Are Triumphant in 2017, 2018 saw the guys release their debut EP Abandon Ship.

Their latest single Meet Me At The Starlight Drive In features Osatia’s front man Alex Pasibe and I have a strong feeling these guys are about to explode. This song is so well polished and delivered and is up there with the best of the genre (Big call I know!)

Vocalist Nick Wilkinson says of the new track – “My whole life I’ve chosen alternative music over Top 40. There’s a relatable honesty in that music – I wrote this song about how exhausting it can get just trying to chase your dreams, and how burnt out you can feel when you’re finally there.

Personally Meet Me At The Starlight Drive In is the best release I have heard from We Set Signals. The fourth single off of ‘Ordo’, WSS have definitely taken things up a level. There’s some tasty riffs, unrelenting drumming and I’m loving everything about Nick’s vocals. From the chorus, that is just catchy as hell, to the bridge section prior to Alex’s guest vocal’s dropping in, this song has it all ….. Hold on for that breakdown, finish the song, hit the repeat button and do it all again!




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