If your after a podcast that’s way more better then you definitely need to go listen to Jason Mack and Mathew Burgess of WWDOTW. With an impressive line up of past guest including Steadfast (who’s song Passion is also the intro), Ash Hull (Destroy All Lines) Saviour and Earthcaller I guarantee that by the end of every episode your face will hurt from laughing.

Firstly congrats on your recent 1st birthday.

Haha thank you, it was A Day to Remember (facepalm emoji)

Did you think you would get to 52 episodes when you started out?

Had no idea we’d even make 5 episodes, let alone 52.

From making our friends download and listen to our episodes, to making our own merch, 12 months has gone so fast and we’ve grown so much in that time!

I still pinch myself that people listen to me talk rubbish weekly.

What a world we live in.

How did WWDOTW come about?

Burgo and I were drinking with a few mates on my balcony one afternoon, we were talking about gigs we’d been to and all the events we had coming up. Everyone was laughing at all the stories we had. I thought why not record them.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, mostly Australian comedy. I thought, it can’t be that hard to do a podcast.  I did some research and bought some audio equipment and bang, we had ourselves a podcast.

I messaged a few friends for some naming ideas, whittled them down to one and made a website.

Best part is, I made the website on my phone while I was at the pub (which gives you an indication of the level we operate at)

We recorded a couple of test episodes and sent them to some close friends. They gave some feedback, then we were off and running.

Every episode I listen to I end up in tears from laughter.  What are some of the more memorable interviews? Favourite interviews?

Some highlights have been Saviour, Drastic Park, Some Heard Trouble, Inhibitor.

The 2019 wrap up we did with the Backbone Podcast boys was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. The whole episode (2:04:40) we we’re all in stitches and it was off the back of my work Christmas party.

Another great interview was with Ash Hull (Greyscale Records/Destroy All Lines/Invasion Fest) We talked for an hour before we recorded and for ages afterwards too. A great all-round bloke with unbelievable music knowledge.

Our best episodes are probably our Unify review and our Koonoomoo B&S review with Kane from Silverstring Outlaws. Kane’s a good friend and I sort of travel with his band who play B&S shows all over Vic, NSW and SA.

If you haven’t listened before then I suggest starting at the start and listening to how much the show has changed over time. There are a lot of in jokes and stories that flow over separate episodes.

But my most proud moment was when we hosted our first fundraising event. We raised over $3000 for Beyond Blue with the help of some great people. Held in the front bar of Stay Gold, we had acoustic acts, tattoos, haircuts and a massive raffle. We had over 100 people come down for the event which has now been made an annual fixture.

You’ve had a bit of a side project going on called What We Did In Isolation – How was that different to The Corona Chronicles?

I wouldn’t call it a side project, but more of something extra to do during the week.  When Covid-19 hit, and everyone went into lockdown, I thought people are gonna be so bored being at home, so we started recording extra episodes just for extra entertainment. Originally I was going to get comedian guests on as a different direction from heavy music, but it was extremely hard to organise and also a lot of listeners don’t really get into comedy (unless it’s big names like Carl Barron)

So, the isolation episodes just ended up being like our original episodes, Burgo and myself just talking rubbish and telling stupid stories. That was until we ran out of motivation. The corona blues hit, and we gave up on the extra episodes.

But the Corona Chronicles thing is just a way to timestamp when Covid-19 hit here and how long it affects us. In a few years when this period is forgotten about, it’ll be my little way of looking back and saying “Wow, Corona really affected the country for 40 weeks” or whatever happens.

When gigs come back, I’ll go back to the normal episode naming format, but for now it’s just a little mental note for myself.

I hear you’ve turned into game show hosts now! What’s that all about?

Well, a few weeks ago we had Hollow World on the pod to talk about their new single. When I was talking with Hodgo (Michael Hodgson) about setting up the pod through Zoom, he came up with an idea to have multiple bands on at once for an episode. So, I thought, why not make it a bit spicier and have a game show. So, with my love of trivia and being the centre of attention, I set out to make a music quiz show, in the format of Have You Been Paying Attention. I hit up whichever friends I had in bands that I knew would be into it and had a huge response. A bit of light-heartedness is needed when all these great bands can’t play shows or interact with fans. Also, it’s great for fans to see the fun side of some of their favourite artists.

We will be releasing 4 episodes over the coming weeks, every Wednesday on YouTube and on all podcast formats.

We’ve snagged some great bands for these quiz episodes including Saviour, The Gloom in the Corner, Pridelands,  Bad Love, Drastic Park, Gravemind, Void of Vision, Without Belief and Drown This City, Hollow World, Inhibitor, Earth Caller, Steadfast, Batz, Beach Panic, A New Way Home, Future Static, Loose End.

So, the winner of each episode will go into a final which will be recorded professionally at Stay Gold.

The winner of the final will win the headline spot at our Beyond Blue fundraiser gig to be held at Stay Gold on November 28.

These episodes are super fun and has been a great way to get heaps of people together during a time when we are meant to stay apart.

Shout out to Zoom for literally keeping the podcast going during this Corona time, without it we’d have no content to release at all.

What’s the best thing about the podcast for you guys?

This podcast has been such a great way to meet people, see shows, stay busy. We’ve both made great new friends because of it. We’ve also built up a great relationship with Stay Gold and the whole Destroy All Lines crew. They’ve become part of the family and we can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for us.

During this Corona period it’s bands and venues that have been hit the hardest, so we want to do anything we can to help.

We’re also planning our annual pub crawl, which will hopefully pump a bit of much needed money into the local bar scene. Details for that will be on our social media when we know it’s safe to do so.

Check us out @wwdotw on all social media platforms.



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