What So Not (Chris Emerson) returns from a yearlong hiatus by releasing ‘The Change’, a striking, thunderous collaboration with fellow Australians DMA’S. ‘The Change’ was recorded in Sydney last year and is released now via Sweat It Out. Releasing ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’ in 2018, What So Not reaffirmed his place as one of the most ambitious, visionaryContinue reading “WHAT SO NOT(feat DMA’S)”


Known for her distinctive sound that expertly blends the old with the new to create an irresistible combination of folk-rock and blues with a vintage Americana twist, Brisbane’s sonic enchantress Ruby Gilbert recently released her heart-aching single ‘No Vacancy’. Gilbert’s sultry vocals are the driving force of the song, her crystal clear tone dripping with an aching passion that simultaneously yearns forContinue reading “RUBY GILBERT”