Nicole McKinney released her vulnerable indie/ folk-rock track ‘Another Day’  a few weeks back. Nicole’s ethereal vocals pull on your heartstrings as she shares her own emotional story of loss, betrayal and humiliation. To pair with the tender, emotive and melancholy single, McKinney is releasing her journey in healing her emotional wounds in an empowering music video (directed andContinue reading “NICOLE MCKINNEY”

‘The Wolfstone Park Tour’ featuring Clay J Gladstone, Drastic Park and Wolf & Chain

Coming to a venue near you is a rollercoaster of a line-up featuring Clay J Gladstone (Sydney), Drastic Park (Melbourne) and Wolf & Chain (Adelaide) who are joining forces to showcase their angsty, bratty and high energy sounds across Australian cities this March and April. While 2020 was write-off for most bands, it didn’t stopContinue reading “‘The Wolfstone Park Tour’ featuring Clay J Gladstone, Drastic Park and Wolf & Chain”


Oh boy just when you think VoV can’t get any better!! Not sure who came up with the idea of re-recording ‘Decay’ and adding Ecca Vandal to the mix but damn they should be elevated to God status. This is absolute fire and will keep VoV fans extremely happy on a Friday.


After a turbulent 2020 and the disappointment of delaying not only their debut album, but their maiden European voyage, no pandemic is holding Australia’s most genre twisting hardcore band back in 2021! Brisbane’s high-octane punk/hardcore outfit, who signed worldwide with Sharptone Records in 2020, have just announced their debut album ‘Help Me Help You’ out Friday 26thContinue reading STEPSON