Founded in 2015 Wildheart are a Brisbane based melodic hardcore band who stormed onto the local scene with their debut release ‘A Thousand Days’. Since that release, the band have established themselves as firebrands and ones to watch, with their hard-hitting messages and music. Wildheart have slowly yet surely carved themselves a position as a heavy, emotional outfit thatContinue reading “WILDHEART”


What happens when you’re locked in isolation during a global pandemic? You get the band back together. BISON were kind of a big deal in the ‘first-wave’ of nu-metal in Australia, circa 1998 – 2005 – and now they return in 2021, with a new sound crafted with input from producer Sam Bassal (Ocean Grove). A classic heavy-grooveContinue reading “BISON”


In Malice’s Wake have established themselves as the dominant thrash/death metal force for well over a decade in Australia.  Each full-length release has pushed further into darker and heavier territory. “Let There Be Light“ is a short film that explores the creation of the band’s latest album, “The Blindness of Faith”. Featuring unseen process footage, fantastic storytelling andContinue reading “IN MALICE’S WAKE”


Tasmania’s genre benders SPKEZY released their new single ‘Bad Intentions’ a week ago. ‘Bad Intentions’ is a standalone single that the band believe is the perfect progression from last year’s debut EP ‘Midnight Club’. Speaking about the track, vocalist Luke Vaessen says that “Bad Intentions” on a surface level is a track about partying. But if youContinue reading “SPKEZY”