“I wrote trailer trash 2 years ago when I was in rehab. The song is about accepting the unique and sometimes trashy parts of you. The video was inspired by Bombay beach and the art there, I wanted to create my own world where I could do anything I wanted.”

At just 18 years of age carolesdaughter (Thea Taylor) has already experienced more in her short time on earth than most teenagers.  An outsider since birth, she grew up as one of 10 kids in a strict Mormon household. After seeing a tattoo of the iconic logo, she researched Black Flag online and unlocked the worlds of punk, hardcore, and goth. Bouncing between five different high schools, she started doing drugs, falling down a rabbit hole and taking multiple trips to rehab. On the last trip, she made a promise to pursue music upon returning home and ended up making major waves with the single violent.

With a sound that is hard to define, as no two songs are the same, her latest single  ‘Trailer Trash’ is a story of accepting the unique and trashy parts of you, the parts also fuelled by addiction, but is told with such an upbeat boppy melody that if you didn’t listen to the dark lyrics you would be none the wiser. The track is paired with a striking music video shot in a deserted area in California and directed by Neta Ben Ezra. It brings to life an abandoned trailer park with Ozark meets The Walking Dead influences. carolesdaughter’s eye-catching look for the video was made possible by makeup artist Jessie Edelstein, with styling by carolesdaughter herself. Trailer Trash marks the up-and-comer’s first official release of 2021.

With over 230 million streams on her single ‘violent’, an album in the works and having just announced that she is opening for Machine Gun Kelly’s tour this coming fall, 2021 is shaping up to be a huge year for carolesdaughter.


Sydney – Vocals

Liam – Bass

Matt – Guitar

Daniel – Drums

Brisbane punk rockers PhD are set to release their debut EP ‘Keep Dreaming, Weirdo’ this Friday. I had an hilariously epic chat with the band and I don’t think their were many topics we didn’t cover!! . They had also promised to tell me some whacky stories… they did not disappoint.

Okay guys hit me with your whacky stories! I’ve been waiting for this.

At this point the guys lost it laughing!

Liam: Okay!

Sydney: All of them??? You’re in for a wild ride.

Matt: You’re in for a treat!!

I watched the video clip for ‘I’m An Alcoholic’ and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Sydney: That was a fun one.

Liam: That was a fun one.

Sydney: Not that we would know…..

More laughing!

Liam: Um yeah a lot of us don’t remember that filming.

Matt: He says a lot but he really means himself…

Sydney: We had a whole time.

Liam: That whole video we filmed on our phones. We actually just put them in the corner of my room. I was living with my parents at the time and I asked them if they minded if we filmed the video in my room but I didn’t actually tell them what the video was. So we showed up and just said we were going to have a really fun day and we shut the door! I don’t live with my parents anymore……

More laughing!! By this stage I am thinking that there is going to be a lot of that in this interview!

Sydney: Totally unrelated probably.

That’s gold.

Matt: Let’s just say Liam’s parents weren’t happy that day.

Sydney: They love us anyway.

As long as the love is still there.

So you guys have an EP coming out on the 7th May?

Sydney: We sure do. I’m so excited.

Oh hang on let’s take this back to the beginning. How long have you guys been playing together?

Sydney: All of us or individually? We have had some change arounds.

From the beginning.

Liam: The band started quite awhile ago, back in 2017. We didn’t actually do anything, we weren’t good, until about 2019-2020. That was when Sydney and Matt joined.

More laughing!

Liam: So PhD has been around for awhile we’ve just been doing house shows and rehearsing. We have been active with myself, Sydney and Matt since 2019 and Dan has been in the band for about six weeks. He’s very, very fresh. When doing the drums for the EP he actually hadn’t heard any of the songs yet. We were just like you can do it, and he did.

Sydney: He’s still on probation!!

Dan: That one was very improv you have to admit.

Liam: He did well.

Matt: He is still on 3 month probation though.

Dan: Yeah I haven’t got my staff card yet.

Sydney: We have hit a road block every time we have tried to record something, it’s absolutely obscene. The first time we went to record I caught chicken pox. We had just started recording and got some things down and I said to the guys I didn’t feel too good. I thought it was the heat because we were recording in a small studio with no air con and it was about 40 degrees outside. I was doing my make-up for our photo shoot and I noticed a blister. I messaged my mum cos they kept coming up and off we went to the doctors. I had to test the guys and tell them I couldn’t come in for anymore recording. There where all theses messages in the chat like “WHAT!” I was quarantined on this two seater couch in my parents apartment and every time I got off of it she would double spray it. It really was a glimpse into the future…

I have been that mum (laughs) With five kids you didn’t want them all getting sick at once.

Sydney: Yeah it was a whole time. We did get it done eventually though.

Liam: Right before doing that our previous drummers knee gave out a week before recording so he couldn’t play anymore. And then we had Covid.

Sydney: It was really quite bad, his knee kind of blew up.

So then you had to find another drummer?

Liam: It was really quite stressful. We couldn’t rehearse, we couldn’t meet anyone. It was a really good learning experience.

At least all the bad luck seems to have happened at the beginning of your career!

Matt: Yeah that’s fair. We did get a little bit lucky with Covid because our producer wasn’t going to be able to record us and then he got an extra week because he had booked time to go interstate but wasn’t able to go. That gave him an extra week to help us record.

Sydney: One at a time! We could only have one person in at a time to record their part due to restrictions.

Who recorded it for you?

Liam: Our good friend Angus Honeychurch. He’s like a pop artist who..

By this time Sydney was in hysterics rolling around the room.

Obviously there is another good story in that Sydney?

Liam: He is an absolute Lord and he’s a really good producer.

Sydney: He’s insane.

Matt: He also hates being called Angus!!!

Sydney: Yeah I can’t believe you did that to him Liam. He’s going to come find you and put you in the ground.

Liam: At least it means he will read the interview (laughs)

Sydney lost it again at this point.

Sydney: We love Gus.

So you found your drummer and recorded the EP.

Dan: That drummer wasn’t actually me though. There was another one before me as well. I’ll let Liam explain that one….

Liam: There’s nothing to explain really!! Our first drummers knee broke and our second drummer was in a lot of bands and didn’t have time to do this anymore. And here we have Dan. And Dan you are on our EP!!

Sydney: You have two whole songs. OMG each drummer on our EP has two songs.

Liam: That’s wild.

And poor Dan has to learn them all!! How many songs are on the EP?

Liam: It’s a five track EP which is exciting. There are three songs.. wait is it five?

Sydney: I thought it was six.

Liam: Yeah, yeah its five.

I love this, when you ask a band about their EP and they start talking amongst themselves about how many songs it has (laughs)

Matt: There is a song that we have out as a single that isn’t going on the EP because it doesn’t really vibe with the rest of the songs.

Sydney: Ah yes that’s right.

Matt: This happens every time we talk about the EP.

Liam: So it’s a five track EP. Two singles you have heard and there are three new ones.

Sydney: And lots of love.

Will you drop another single before the EP release?

Liam: No we will not be. One of the singles is premiering, our song ‘Signal Lost’, on the 3rd of May on The Faction’s new music hour. That will be the only taste people get before the EP drops.

Sydney: I am so excited.

That’s good getting on the new music hour.

Liam: Yeah it was really lucky, we just emailed them and they hit us up and here we are.

Okay lets get back to the whacky stories! Is this where you get your inspiration for your songs?

Liam: Yeah. So ‘Panic’, I went to a house party with one of my friends and we had quite an extensive night. I woke up the next day absolutely terrified because I had been at a packed house party the night before and I woke up and everyone had disappeared. I went to sleep with all my friends and no one was there when I woke up at 6am. I was terrified. I started walking around this house wondering where the hell everyone was, where did they all go. I was really afraid and then this old guy that I had never met before walked out of the kitchen and was “Hey nice to meet you.” I was like who the fuck are you? You weren’t here last night…  Turns out he was my friends grandpa. I was like, “Why are you here?”

Sydney: Hey Gramps!

Liam: Um so yeah that’s what ‘Panic’ is about. Being terrified the morning after a house party.

So where were they all?

Liam: I don’t know. I never found out where they all went. They all just left apparently. I went to sleep at 2am and woke up at 7am, I was asleep for 5 hours, so when the fuck did they leave. People were passed out and then they just woke up and obviously left.

In a group?!?!?

Sydney: They are probably still at a Hungry Jack’s somewhere…..

Okay so now I am nearly crying from laughter along with Sydney….

Sydney: ‘Panic’ is a very odd song. It is strangely structured and very strangely written. I remember joining the band with a lot of music theory experience, and I have sung in professional choirs, and I remember them saying oh alright you can learn this song, which was I’m Not An Alcoholic’ which  was like a fun little party trick. Then Liam sent me a message saying, ‘Hey you can learn this one too’.  I was like “WHAT?!?! What is this??” There was one line I had to completely rewrite because somehow, with no blessing from God, he had fitted 15 syllables into an eight beat bar. I was reading the lyrics and thinking that can’t be right, surely not! I told him that something had to change and that everything was wrong and theoretically it was not possible. Please help. Awaiting a response. Love Sydney.

You obviously sorted it???

Matt: We worked it out in the end. When I first joined the band the first song I learnt was also ‘I’m Not An Alcoholic’

Haha funny that is the first song Liam makes everyone learn!!

Matt: The way I learnt the song was Liam had his notebook that he would hand write out the individual notes on the guitar that I had to play. And how many times I had to play each note.

Liam: I think I might still have them…

Matt: Liam doesn’t have the best handwriting either. I would be messaging him saying “Hey dude what is this?” “How many times do I play this again?”

Liam: It’s seven, nine, nine – eighteen times (laughs)

Matt: We got there in the end.

Sydney: We write all of our music by vibes alone.

Dan: I learnt those two as my first songs as well. I didn’t really have any trouble with I’m Not An Alcoholic but when it came to Panic.. They only gave me about a week to learn the two songs. I really had a bit of trouble with Panic because it has a few different tricky spots in it. I had to learn a whole new technique to be able to play the song but I think I managed that alright. The tricky part was when I get to the audition they were like ‘Oh yeah so we don’t play it at this tempo that I sent you. We play it way faster”.

My face is really starting to hurt from all the laughter.

Dan: So I played it a bit faster and they were like yeah faster than that as well… We went 30, 40, maybe even 50 bpm faster than what they had sent me and I had been practising for a whole week.

Sydney: He did great.

Matt: We are known for playing all of our songs faster than they were written. Every time we play a song live at a gig we play it was faster than intended and we usually fall short on time. We never go over our set time!!!

Sydney: We did hit what is surely a world record for the amount of songs fitted into a set.

Liam: We did a show at Southbank JMC and we had a ten minute slot, they said play whatever you want for those ten minutes. We were looking to play four songs in ten minutes and we did it. We went start to back and we crammed it into 9 mins 57 sec and every other band played two songs.

Sydney: We had the time of our lives.

You’re the value for money band!

Sydney: Yep.

Liam: None of the other bands had set lists and they kind of looked at us like it’s a ten minute slot??? We know!!!

Sydney: They were all like acoustic duos bar one rock band. Then it was just us!

Liam: Yeeeaaahhhh.

Have you guys done many gigs?

Sydney: Yeah we have played heaps.

Liam: I think about 15 shows so far and we have 8 in the next six weeks which we are really excited for.

I think you guys are one of the funniest interview I have done to date. I’ve had to use my asthma puffer cos the laughing has given me an attack!!! Drastic Park are the only other band that have caused that!!!

(Hysterical laughing…)

Sydney: Local punk band murders interviewer!!

Dan: Via Zoom call!

Liam: That’s going in our bio!

Sydney: Drastic Park is a cool name.

Not if you type it into the search engine!!

Liam: Oh yeah. We have the same issue.

Yeah I found that out, lots of doctor sites come up!

Sydney: That was the point.

Liam: Yeah it was the point.

Dan: We should tell her that story.

Liam: The reason we are called PhD is because our original drummer’s nana said to him you have to either die in the military or get a PhD and become a doctor.

What a call!

Sydney: This was the compromise. I love her though; she is otherwise so sweet.

Liam: So that’s where the name came from.

What about interstate touring? Is that something you are looking at doing.

Liam: Yeah once this EP drops that is something that we are looking at doing. We want to go up and down the coast here and Covid permitting be able to go interstate. We are a bit sceptical to try and book that at the moment with how things change so quickly.

Sydney: The hard part was when we started picking up shows and playing it was the start of 2020. That didn’t pan out to great. Fortunately when we had that few months of restrictions that was when we got our new drummer, so we spent the time teaching him all our songs. By the time the restrictions eased he knew all the songs and we could go straight into playing.

Did you so much writing during those times, did the EP come out of that?

Liam: Parts of it did. Signal Lost did.

Sydney: Signal Lost is probably my favourite song on the EP. Recording it and getting it so close to coming out has built my love up for it, I am so excited for people to hear it. It is so fun; it has our energy as a band. It has some really interesting moments in it. I wrote that song at home with my acoustic guitar, bringing it to the band we had this collaborative moment which changed the whole song. It became so cool and it was so much fun to work with everyone on it. A lot of the time Liam and I just bring songs forward. That song in particular kicked off a really good trend where we now work together more on the instrumentals of songs. These songs feel really collaborative and like they have a piece of everyone. It’s something that I really love about the songs that are coming out on this EP.

You’ve probably settled into more of your own sound now too.

Sydney: Absolutely. The song also very nearly killed our producer. I thought he was going to just have to tap out!

Seeing as everyone is involved in writing where do you all draw your influences from?

Liam: My biggest influence is a punk band from Milwaukee called Direct Hit. They are signed to Fat Records and they have an album called Wasted Mind. There was this moment I remember, listening to the first track off of Wasted Mind, it was building and building and talking about how the record was for young people not old people because if you are old you won’t like it. And you have guns and we are afraid of you. Then, this is my favourite part, it goes ‘Fuck you get Punked’. I heard that for the first time and I thought holy shit that is how I want us to sound. It is incredibly similar to how we sound.

Matt: Where do I start? One of my favourite bands from the last few years is a Sydney band called Dear Seattle. A lot of their music has shaped the way I play guitar. The way I want my guitar to sound, in the event that I do write a small g it’s also the way I guitar part it’s how I want that to sound. I don’t write music much but they have shaped a lot of the way that I play it. I grew up on the Seattle grungey stuff like Nirvana  and Pearl Jam. I think bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Dear Seattle and Waxx from Brisbane have shaped really shaped me.

Sydney: You guys don’t want to listen to me talk about music! My parents were in high school in the 90’s so they listened to a lot of NOFX, Hole, Verruca Salt and it was really that scene growing up for me. Shaping into my own music, I was so immersed in the 2000’s emo scene. Since before I can remember people have told me that my favourite band is My Chemical Romance and it still is to this day. My brother introduced me to Panic at The Disco, Fallout Boy and Evanescence. It’s all of those big vocal bands. Muse as well, Matt Bellamy is one of my biggest vocal influences. It’s those bands that have really moved me forward in my music and to think in a new way. Especially theoretically and with the way I can move my vocals. You wouldn’t hear it in our songs but I did classical vocal training, so its really call to hear bands that have that heavier sound with these beautiful vocals over the top.

Dan: My musical journey is probably one of the whackiest, weirdest ones you’ll hear. I grew up out in the country so my mum and dad used to play a lot of Carrie Underwood and stuff. Being the youngest in my family when I went to high school I found Disturbed and all those kind of bands. Basically by year 12 it was Slipknot and those good bands. Heavily down into the metalcore rabbit hole. Bring Me The Horizon and all those sort of bands. I played in a rock band at school but funnily enough I also played jazz in high school. The conductor needed a drummer and he begged me to come and play even though he knew it wasn’t my music. I found that I ended up liking a whole heap of music. I think the guys have seen that in what I wrote for the EP, especially in Signals Lost where they let me have the reins for that part. So I came from metalcore and when I finished high school I really wanted to get into a metal band and then I saw Liam’s post on Brisbane Music Scene and thought this could be fun. I messaged him and he sent me Alco and Panic, then I was like yeah this is probably a little bit of a mistake!!!

Sydney: He was right!!! (laughs)

Dan: I thought nope I’ll go anyway, its experience, and here I am.

Sydney: I forgot to mention Avenged Sevenfold but I do want people to like me!!

Just quietly I’m a fan of them too.

Sydney: They were a band that I listened to with my brother and we bonded over.

They cop so much shit but I think they are good.

What else do you want people to know about you??

Sydney: Just please like us!

Matt: Buy our EP please.

“Keep Dreaming, Weirdo” is out on Friday on all platforms. If you get the chance to see PhD live I have a feeling that you are going to be in for a treat. These guys are as hilarious as they are talented.


The Melbourne metalcore outfit wanted to make a statement with their initial release of music and as such, the band says that the ‘From The Ashes’ EP symbolises “…rebirth, rising up from what we once were to reveal something even greater. This is more than just a chance to show everyone what we’ve been working on, this is our chance to start anew. Exploring a vast array of topics and themes throughout; no matter who you are we hope there is a track within this record that connects with a whole bunch of people.”

Melbourne’s Observist dropped their debut track ‘Fragments’ a few weeks back. Along with the first single the band announced their EP ‘From The Ashes’ will be released on June 4th.

I kept Kye and Cade entertained on a recent drive to band practise, or did they keep me entertained? Which ever way it went there were a lot of laughs!

Finally after all the snaps you’ve sent with song snippets we have a whole song! It’s bloody good too.

Kye: We do. Thank you. It took a little while to get together.

You have obviously been sitting on it for a bit.

Kye: Yeah I think I wrote that song three or four years ago. It’s been a little while.

You basically started a whole new band too.

Kye: Yeah I did a little bit of a rebrand.

What is ‘Fragments’ about?

Kye: I can’t really speak for the lyrics so much because that’s Chris’s domain, but he did a little write up about the song:

The pinnacle concept of time, the embodied message of “what would you do?” That is what is portrayed here. When presented the situation, will you give into the ideology of what is expected of you, give into the mindset that everything is laid out to be a certain way, or will you disconnect, forget everything you know, relinquish all control and just live.

The song was written in a transition period for me. I was writing a lot of heavier music and I wanted to transition more into I guess, metalcore with chorus’s. I just wanted to write something catchy that also had the heavy parts. Last year basically the whole band fell apart and with Covid it was hard to find new people. Over the year we slowly built up what we were going to do and then when we were able to we filmed the video.

You scored the support for Alpha Wolf tour.

Kye: Yes we are very excited about that. They picked a lot of the smaller bands that haven’t really had much of a chance yet which is awesome. Sabian made a status about getting to the gigs to support the openers which was so good to see.

They are such awesome humans.

Next up for you guys is your EP ‘From The Ashes.’

Kye: Yes so that comes out in June.

Yes the 4th of June, that’s the day before my birthday! Thanks for that.

Kye: We dedicate this to Suze!!! Haha I’ll put that on Facebook… this is for Suze.

I’ll definitely be listening to it. Actually this week I did nothing but listen to the new releases on Friday. So many bands dropped stuff. Thank God for Ethan and his list!

Kye: Yes we even made it on to the list last week.

Isn’t it funny how that has become such a thing now, making it onto Ethan’s New Music Friday list. He’s such a legend, he doesn’t need to do that but every week he is all over the new releases.

Kye: He’s on it.

Back to the EP

Kye: It’s five songs. I mean do we have an album??? We might.

Cade: I don’t know. Do we??

Kye: Maybe….

Is it an EP or is it an album?? Or is there an album following the EP????

Kye: Is there an EP and an album?? You never know…

Cade: Maybe it’s three EP’s…

Thanks for the insight guys haha!

Kye: We don’t have any tours booked yet, but we do have a couple of shows that we have just locked in that we can’t quite talk about yet.

Cade: You know that big things are coming? It’s sort of one of those scenarios.

Well you’ve released a killer track and scored a support with AW, that’s not a bad start!

Kye: I can’t believe that is our first show. We are so excited for it, it’s perfect for us. The problem with the band before was that we could never get in the scene with the right band. We were just playing with regional local bands that weren’t even the same genre as us.

That makes it hard.

Kye: We were playing with old school death metal bands and metalcore and it just doesn’t work. We tried to break into the scene but we struggled to get shows.  We are at that phase where we are trying to work things out. See what is happening and what’s not. Getting a plan together.

The boys were driving to band practise while we did this. Turns out they drive 2 hours each way for it!!

Kye: Cade and I live I Ballarat which is two hours from where we practise.

That’s dedication. See people don’t see that side of band life.

Kye: No they don’t.

Cade: You have to do what you have to do.

Kye: If we met half way we could get an extra hour of practise in.. but don’t tell the other guys that.  

On the side of the road??

Cade: Well we could, or under a bridge.

Flash mob band practise! You could stop at that servo on the highway!

Kye: Calder Park Maccas…

Haha yeah that would work.

Check out ‘Fragments’ and hit up Observist’s socials so you don’t miss a thing:


What So Not (Chris Emerson) returns from a yearlong hiatus by releasing ‘The Change’, a striking, thunderous collaboration with fellow Australians DMA’S. ‘The Change’ was recorded in Sydney last year and is released now via Sweat It Out.

Releasing ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’ in 2018, What So Not reaffirmed his place as one of the most ambitious, visionary producers in the game. Collaborating with artists such as Skrillex, Slumberjack, San Holo and legendary rockers Toto, the album also contained the hit ‘Be OK Again’ featuring Silverchair front man Daniel Johns. A year long tour with over 150 shows through 45 countries, and becoming the Triple J featured album also followed the release. Since debuting in 2011, What So Not has garnered over 1 billion combined streams of his songs, which include such massive anthems as High You Are‘Waiting’ with Skrillex and RL Grime, and his remix of RÜFÜS du Sol’s ‘Inner bloom. Already one of the most exciting live acts in electronic music, he further cemented that reputation when he brought out Silverchair’s Daniel Johns as a surprise guest during his set at Australia’s Laneway Festival, where the pair delighted fans with a new remix of the Silverchair classic ‘Freak.’ Most recently, he fulfilled a dream by remixing Run The Jewels ‘JU$T’ ft Pharrell Williams and Zack De La Rocha, at the start of 2021.

DMA’S (Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason, Johnny Took) have gone from strength to strength since exploding onto the scene in 2014 with their debut single ‘Delete’. They have released three critically acclaimed albums – the first of which, Hills End (2016), and For Now (2018)  and played international festivals slots at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds festivals.
2019 saw the Sydney natives play sold out shows across the UK and Ireland, support Liam Gallagher’s UK arena tour and sell 8 thousand tickets to their July Manchester show in a matter of hours. Back home they scored a Platinum record for ‘Delete plus Gold discs forLay Down‘ and Step Up The Morphine. The band’s third studio album, THE GLOW, was released 10 July 2020 and debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts, #4 in the UK and #1 in Scotland.

What So Not (Chris Emerson) says: “I met Johnny at their studio – a small room next to a noisy inner-city road, above a pub, with no sound insulation. We had (somehow) never met but clicked instantly, discussing life on the road, COVID & found commonality on our all-time favourite artists. The first thing we made is pretty much the track you hear. Johnny liked our little idea so much he decided to get the whole band involved a couple of days later we tracked Tommy & brought Mason in for some extra pieces. I feel like this record is one the two of us have always wanted to make but never had the right pieces of the puzzle, until now.”

Johnny Took from the DMA’S adds: “Emoh and I had never met before the day of our first session but quickly bonded over synths, production gear, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Underworld. Being from such different song writing worlds really made this a great collaboration for me. Once we got Tommy and Mason on the track after that first day of writing we knew we were onto something special and new for both of us.”


Known for her distinctive sound that expertly blends the old with the new to create an irresistible combination of folk-rock and blues with a vintage Americana twist, Brisbane’s sonic enchantress Ruby Gilbert recently released her heart-aching single ‘No Vacancy’.

Gilbert’s sultry vocals are the driving force of the song, her crystal clear tone dripping with an aching passion that simultaneously yearns for romance whilst drowning in hopelessness. This is echoed in the lyrics written while Gilbert was on tour, travelling from one hotel room to the next. Gilbert explains:

“’No Vacancy’ is about the early stages of a romance and the inevitability of it coming to an end. I wrote the song in 2018 and was on tour at the time and had been spending a lot of time in hotel rooms, which I felt fit the theme of the song.”

Since the release of her debut EP ‘Dearly Beloved’ in 2018, Ruby Gilbert has been turning heads with her musical prowess. She has received a Queensland Music Award nomination for her debut single ‘Oh Bones’, has played multiple prominent festivals around Australia including BIGSOUND and has opened for the likes of C.W. StonekingJustin Townes Earle and The Teskey Brothers.

Check out ‘No Vacancy’ below:


It’s Monday morning and if you are looking for something to ease you into the beginning of the week look no further than the sublime sounds of Sydney’s Sunset Place.

Sunset Place are a four-piece neo soul/indie band who have just released their debut single ‘Still Mourning’. Exploring the personal, yet universal, struggle of reaching out to others in times of need. The single evokes a sound reminiscent of old-school soul music, featuring strong rhythms and layered instruments which crescendo into a powerful climax with soaring vocals backed by smooth harmonies. Sunset Place brew a unique sound that has captivated audiences around the Sydney music scene.

 “Delivering an eclectic musical concoction, Sunset Place twist influences from a wide range of artists such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Erykah Badu, Jeff Buckley, and Joni Mitchell. With soulful harmonies and groovy rhythms which contrast their brooding, powerful lyrics.”


Spring Loaded is getting closer and I am counting down the days for this epic line-up of Australian artists. This week I am talking to Adalita and Raul, from 90’s alt rock band Magic Dirt, who are just as keen as me!!!

So how exciting is the Spring Loaded line-up? It’s going to be like a big school reunion!

Raul: That is exactly what I said.

Adalita: Yeah that’s what we were saying.

Raul: It’s what it feels like. I wonder what everyone has been up to.

Adalita: And of course everyone has families and kids. It’s all different now, but still the same in a way. We are all still the same.

All of you guys would have played together at some stage over the years.

Raul: Absolutely.

I’m excited because for me this line-up is a bucket list of bands that I never got the chance to see.

Adalita: Where are you from Suzanne?

I’m in Adelaide.

Raul: Oh we love Adelaide.

Adalita: Yes we do, I have always loved Adelaide. We have had many good times there. We played the Big Day Out at the showgrounds and we’ve played at The Gov a lot. We also played at the Clipsal one year and somewhere in Glenelg. We actually got kicked out of that place in Glenelg because I think Dean put his bass through the roof or something, which was awesome (laughs). It had those corky tiles and he put it straight through them. It was an easy fix, but anyway… sorry pub but that’s what we do! We rock out and get carried away.

I remember the first time I ever saw you guys; it was a Big Day Out telecast and you were playing Dirty Jeans. I just remember thinking look at this chick, she’s a Rockstar.

Adalita: Oh that’s nice, thanks. We always had such great times in Adelaide, and we know a lot of our fans from there that we have become friends with over the years. It has a very special spot in our hearts.

Are we getting a big back catalogue of your songs for Spring Loaded or are we getting treated to some new tunes?

Adalita: Nope your just getting the old stuff. There’s no new stuff. Although we get asked that a fair bit which is really nice.

Raul: Especially today, we are getting that a lot, which is lovely and its not something that we have totally discounted but its not something that we are planning. We will be playing some songs that we haven’t played in a very long time so that will be fun.

Adalita: We have been plotting and planning that part of things.

It’s so good to see live shows back after the last 12 months.

Raul: I think to try and take something positive away from that, I think a lot of people have really come to appreciate it and realize how important music is to everyone. To have live music and to celebrate and to share.

Adalita: That’s the other thing about music, it’s not just about music, its about socializing and connecting. Just going out and doing something for the night. A lot of parts of the community noticed during the lockdown just how big a part of the economy music was. There was a motel that we used to stay at in Brisbane that is shut down now and a lot of musicians stayed there, they lost that flow through. Your accommodation, food joints, car hire places, air travel; so much stuff gets affected when music is down. And people’s moods, when people couldn’t access live music they purchased so much merch, watched anything they could get access too.

Oh I am guilty of the merch purchasing!!! I now own a lot of t-shirts and vinyl….

Adalita: Yeah see so many people did that. People were just really, really sad with out the music, they missed it on so many levels. Music is so important to the fabric of society.

Hopefully this tour will be a big celebration, not only of all these amazing bands coming together, but to also celebrate the music that we have all missed.

Raul: That’s it. It means a lot; I think Australian music is very healthy and it is very important to Australians.

Adalita: We love going out too to see live music. That’s what I love about Australian audiences, they really love to go out and get into it. Even going to regional areas, I’ve noticed more people doing shows in those areas. Raul just did a show in Ballarat and people are just coming out of the woodwork like never before which is fantastic. Hopefully that momentum stays, and the excitement continues, and people really appreciate music like they haven’t for awhile.

That is what I am hoping for too. We had it taken away from us and we now know that it can happen at any time so appreciate it.

Adalita: It’s going to be a really big celebration. We already love playing, all the bands love playing. That’s how we make our money too, but that is what we love doing. Being on a stage with the fans, it’s the best feeling in the world. We can’t get enough of it. On top of that celebrating it actually happening again. Like you said it can be taken away again and we never thought that could happen so come out and rock with us.

Dates and tickets for Spring Loaded are below:

SAT 8 MAY | ON THE LAWN AT ROYAL RANDWICK, SYDNEY | NSW | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets

SAT 12 JUN | CAIRNS SHOWGROUNDS | QLD | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets

SAT 19 JUN | SANDSTONE POINT HOTEL, BRIBIE ISLAND | QLD | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets

SAT 26 JUN | ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE | SA | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets

FRI 23 JUL | DARWIN AMPHITHEATRE | NT | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets

SAT 16 OCT | GOSFORD ENTERTAINMENT GROUNDS | NSW | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets

SAT 23 OCT | STUART PARK, WOLLONGONG | NSW | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets

SAT 30 OCT | RED HILL AUDITORIUM, PERTH | WA | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 438 849 | All Moshtix Outlets Tickets available from | 1300 364 001 | All Ticketek Outlets

SAT 27 NOV | VENUE DETAILS TO FOLLOW | VIC | 18+ Venue details to come, sign up for pre-sale


Anonymous deathcore outfit Chaostate are bringing the heavy to your Friday with their new single ‘Obituary’. According to their Facebook page these lads hail from Sydney and that’s about all I can tell you!!  Go give them a suss, you won’t be disappointed.

“Chaostate is the cryptic Sydney Deathcore outfit shaking up the genre. Their ferocious new single ‘Obituary’ is a product of the pandemic, born from a band who have never met in person, and collaborated entirely remotely. Chaostate is a digital content machine, spitting out disgusting modern deathcore tracks with a progressive edge”.


Mirrors have just dropped a huge new single “Beneath The Sand” and with that comes the announcement that they have signed to Resist Records.

Beneath The Sand” marks the first release to drop via Resist Records and takes production credits from a top tier collection of contributors. The single was produced and engineered by Scottie Simpson and mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha WolfPolaris).

“Beneath The Sand” is a shift towards more dense, atmospheric landscapes, backed by thunderous yet intricate groove work and seeks to explore the dynamic ranges of the band members’ instruments as far as possible. The single explores facing up to the consequences of one’s own actions. The band highlights: “As sleep becomes scarce and you can’t turn off the nightmare, knowing what’s real and what’s not can be a deep rabbit hole.”

Cinematographer Third Eye Visuals joined forces with the band to create striking fever dream visuals that compliment a theme of spiralling darkness and haunting thoughts.

Formed in late 2016 by vocalist Patty Goodman and guitarist Tyson Taifer before welcoming Jack Mackin on bass and later Rob Brens on drums, metalcore outfit Mirrors quickly turned the eyes and ears of Australian listeners towards Regional Victoria with the release of their debut EP ‘Fool’s Paradise‘ in 2017.

The 6 track release revealed the sound and delivery of a unit that had been functioning for many years, but after a mere 12 months of their existence they were invited to play alongside Parkway Drive, Architects and many more at the hallowed Unify Festival and jumped up to support the likes of ThornhillThe Devil Wears PradaOcean Grove and Alpha Wolf just to name a few.

2019 saw the band’s ceaseless efforts coalesce with the release of the ‘Cold Sanctuary‘ EP. With their first EP establishing a commentary on the world around them, ‘Cold Sanctuary’ ventured inwards. With maturity comes introspection, and this new effort delved into the psyche, trying to navigate and make sense of the chaotic chatter of our innermost thoughts, begging for reprieve.

To compliment this unrelenting theme is a backdrop of earth shattering production, rivalling any band on the world stage, bringing their deepest, strongest and most dynamic compositions to date, alive. ‘Cold Sanctuary’ took the band beyond the borders of Victoria and around the country, showcasing their craft to audiences on tour with the likes of Wage War, Alpha Wolf, Thornhill, Crystal Lake and many more.

“Beneath The Sand” marks a new era for Mirrors – out now and available to stream everywhere.


FFO: Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan, Harms Way.

The Adelaide music scene is alive and well with the newest band in town Scratch Lines just randomly dropping a 3 track EP ‘Trauma’ out of nowhere. If you are a fan of Knocked Loose then you need to get your ears around what this band is putting out.

I reached out to the band to find out who they are (because surprisingly I had no idea!!!) and what we can expect from them. So meet Josh and Heath, two parts of Scratch Lines.

Hey Guys thanks so much for having a chat with me. I have been trying to find out who you are for the last 24 hours with no success!!!

Both boys laughed!

Josh: Mysterious…

I found you guys through another page; someone had shared your Spotify link. I went off to listen and messaged my mate straight away telling him to get on and listen. I told him it was Australia’s answer to Knocked Loose!!!

Josh: That’s awesome to hear.

Heath: That’s what we were aiming for.

You nailed it.

I guess we better start at the beginning and share with us who you guys are.

Josh: I’ve been in a few local bands, nothing too big or quite this style. I actually played with two of the other guys Brad and Tim in another band. It was a lot different style wise to this band.

Heath: I’ve been playing in bands for 17 years or so. Probably the biggest band was Mara Jade. We toured interstate a bit, we got a few international supports and that kind of thing. We played with Norma Jean and Vanna. I was also in a band called Old Ghosts, we supported Slaves. I also filled in for Abandon All Hope for the last couple of shows, again a few of those shows were international supports. I’ve done a fair bit with my voice.

How did we end up at Scratch Lines?

Josh: In late 2019 I wrote some tracks which I sent to Tim, our drummer. He put drums down and then we bounced ideas and made adjustments and that’s how the music sort of began. In 2020 we added Brad on bass and then a bit later Heath joined us on vocals.

After listening to your EP ‘Trauma’ I am pretty excited to see you guys play live. I guess now it will be finding bands to fit with.

Josh: I think our style lends to playing with a few different genres. It could be hardcore, straight edge, metalcore, deathcore even probably death metal stuff we could sit in with as well.

Heath: Even with the crusty bands as well, we could sit in with them. People have been hitting us up already, even before we started playing. I’d show half a track to a mate and they would be like this is sick and he would pass it along to whoever and they would be come play a show!  I’d be like nope not just yet!

That’s cool because you kind of just “appeared” on Facebook, there was no ‘Hey we are coming’ it was just ‘Hey we are here’.

Heath: Zero hype. It was just like cool we’ve recorded, lets just get all the stuff together and just throw it out there and see what sticks.

Josh: Definitely. I think rather than creating hype I have always believed that, especially starting out, you let the music lay the foundation and the talking.

You’ve laid a pretty good foundation!  We have some amazing musicians here and  when I listened to Trauma the first time I was like ‘What the hell! This has come out of Adelaide; this is so cool.’ There are not a lot of bands with that sound here, even in Australia.

Josh: Yeah, and like I said we can sit in with a few different genres.

The songs off the EP – Hell is Home, Absolute Terror Field and Trauma. What can you tell us about them?

Heath: I like to leave the songs open to interpretation, obviously we haven’t published the lyrics at this stage, but for what people hear I guess its finding relatable ground. The first track Hell is Home is about getting a bit older and not seeing yourself where you were or what you expected to be. Absolute Terror Field, the idea of an absolute terror field is for people who are neuro-diverse and have some development issues, it sort of comes down to like a comfort zone. An absolute terror field is someone’s personal space, essentially as soon as that space is penetrated it causes feelings of absolute terror and discomfort. For people that are neuro-diverse it is the worst possible thing that could be. When there is too much audio sensory stuff going on they just break down. It was taking that idea and turning into a bit more of a broad spectrum. It’s that overwhelming sensory thing and how it messes with your psyche and your perspective on things, that kind of idea. ‘Trauma’ is all in the name basically, its broad spectrum in terms of a lot of people have a lot of inherent trauma from childhood or adulthood. It’s just delving into the stress of dealing with it, the anxiety you go through.  It just that kind of thing but in a metal way!

Do you have some more songs to release?

Josh: Definitely. These three tracks that we put out are just a starter. We have more tracks down and we are working on more to do another release. We aren’t to far off having enough to put together for more recording.

Do you guys do all that yourselves?

Josh: Yeah we did all the recording ourselves and then we got John McNicol at Twin Earth Studios to mix and master it for us. We learnt a lot to take into the next lot of recordings.

Apart from Knocked Loose who else influences you?

Josh: Jesus Piece, Kublai Khan, Harms Way and Knocked Loose – they are probably the main ones.

Heath: I guess musically and lyrically bands like Converge sit in that path, Every Time I Die has always been a pretty big influence as well in terms of lyrics, Keith Buckley’s lyrics are always pretty good. Honestly just bands on Deathwish (label), you know Doomriders, Cave In. Bands like Sumac, just big, big heavy bands that have a lot of substance. I love old school mathcore bands like Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan and all that kind of thing. The way that I sort of write lyrics is like a timing thing. I always time it to how the drums are played to accent certain hooks and things. That is just from playing in “mathy” type bands in the past.

I guess now I’ll have to keep my eye out for a gig!!

Heath: Yeah it will happen eventually.

Josh: Hopefully it’s not too far off. We are keen to play live.

You aren’t the only one Josh!! Go and sink your ears around ‘Trauma’ and hit up the bands socials.